Ways To Save


Stop buying bottled water. On average a 24 pack of bottled water is $3.99. If your family goes through even just 1 pack per week – that equals $207.48 per year. I purchased a water pitcher with a filter for $18.18 on Amazon. I purchase a new filter every 3 months – which runs me about $6 dollars for a total cost of $24 per year. Add that $24 to the $18.18 I already spent and my total cost for the year is $42.18. So I just saved $165.30 by eliminating the cost of buying bottled water.
Saved: $165.30 per year 

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How My Bread Machine Saved Me $1000 Dollars Last Year 

Quite honestly a few years ago I could have never pictured myself using a bread machine. I mean it sounded like something my grandmother would have used in the 1940s. But I have learned a lot about bread machines in the past 2 years – and have discovered the savings benefit of having one.
When I sat down to start my budget and try to discover ways to save…groceries topped the list. Besides rent, groceries are my largest expense.
I had read rave reviews from some of my favorite bloggers about bread machines. But I was a bit resistant to say the least. Then I got to thinking about how much bread my family actually eats….and it was A LOT!
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