Freebies on Your Birthday!!

Abuelos e-Club - Snag a free gift for joining and a special surprise on your birthday.
Amato's - Snag discounts and freebies and a birthday surprise.
AMF Bowling - Join their free eClub and get coupons, free bowling perks and more - which includes a free game on your birthday.
Applebee's - Join their free email club and you get a free dessert on your birthday.
Arby's - Signup for awesome coupon deals, special offers and a surprise on your birthday.
Au Bon Pain e-Club - Snag offers, healthy tips and a birthday surprise... READ MORE  

Free eBooks

Amazon - Every day Amazon has free books. And I do mean totally free. I can't believe how long I went without knowing this. I really like eReader girl. She does the work for you to a certain degree. I get an email from her daily with the top free books Amazon has for the day. I almost always download at least one. There are a lot of self-help and non-fiction, which I love. I am such a reader, and I love to learn new things. But there are fiction books and children's books free daily. I will post free book finds on here as well as often as I can... READ MORE 

 Free Music

iTunes Store

Every week I check out what is free in the iTunes store. Just click the Free on iTunes link on the right hand side of the iTunes store.

There are featured songs for free each week. They vary – it could be any singer, genre or group. You will find top of the chart singers and incredible up and coming. iTunes is great because you preview the song before downloading it. I have fallen in love with so many songs I found for free on iTunes. I have discovered new artists and bands that I love...  READ MORE 

Free Make-Up 

Natural beauty is just that…beautiful. But we all like to enhance ourselves a little.
However, I no longer pay retail for any makeup or nail polish. In fact, 99% of the time I get them for free.
Simpler than you think actually. It’s all about making your local drugstore work for you. Most of us have a CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid that we shop at. Each store offers different incentives, coupons, deals and more.
CVS – Offers Extrabuck rewards every week on different products. 99% percent of the time one of those products is make-up. Extrabucks are free money to spend. They are used just like coupons. $3 in Extrabucks equals $3 off your purchase... READ MORE 

Free Samples & Other Freebies - 
If you explore and signup for every freebie site out there - prepare to be bombarded by emails, spam and solicitors. 
Instead, I stick with a couple trusted freebie sites that have proven time and again to be legit. 
Do I always get full size samples? No. Is my mailbox overflowing with free stuff? Not at all. can try samples of some of your favorite brands. Plus, many companies will also send coupons and discount codes where the free sample. It's a great way to snag exclusive savings...READ MORE

Free Kid's Printables -

School Express - Free worksheet printables covering reading, writiing, science, math and more. You can also print reward certificates, coloring pages and educational game worksheets...READ MORE


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