Activity Ideas To Keep The Kids Busy

Too many times one of the girls will run up to me and say, "What are we going to do today?" And my mind goes blank and I can't think of one thing fun to do. Or anything I have the energy to do after a long day at work. And then there are the endless days of summer - and no matter how many squirt guns you buy or soccer balls...the kids are always looking for something else to entertain them... READ MORE 

How to Have a Child's Birthday Party on a Budget

I have tried to budget when it comes to birthdays. So I wanted to share some of my birthday budget ideas with you all.

Let's start with presents. The key is to buy ahead of time. I shop all year round because great deals happen all the time. I wait until items go on sale of clearance. This past Christmas Leah wanted Rock Star Mickey. Every time she saw it in the store she got the gimmes. The problem for me was that Rock Star Mickey was $55 dollars! But there is joy in waiting. This month I scored Rock Star Mickey at Amazon - discounted to $22.49... READ MORE


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