Friday, August 9, 2013

Inbox Dollars - Get Paid To Read Your Emails

My mom actually turned me on to this site. She told me about it for years, but I never gave it a try until recently.

I don’t like any money makers online that take a whole lot of effort – because the truth is none of us are making big money from these sites. So the easier the better.

Inbox Dollars is pretty simple and straightforward. Click the banner and join for free now.

Signup is simple. Just the basics. Once completed, there are several ways to earn cash right away. Take surveys, download the toolbar, and connect with the site via Facebook.

My mother plays the games a lot. Then again, she can be a bit of an online game addict. But she definitely racks up cash. 

 I keep it pretty simple with Inbox Dollars. They send me paid emails usually every day. I click open the email and then hit the Confirm Paid Email link at the bottom. Then I am taken to the sponsored sight. I am almost always not interested in purchasing anything, but I still give money for confirming the paid email.

 It’s a pretty slow process this way. Like I said, I could earn more if I did more surveys and played more games. And it is a little bit of a bummer that they won’t send you a check until you have reached $30.00 dollars in earnings. For me that will take about six months. But this is free money! It takes literally 2 minutes of my time each day to confirm a few emails. The money does add up. So why not.



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