Saturday, July 27, 2013

Free Music

iTunes Store

Every week I check out what is free in the iTunes store. Just click the Free on iTunes link on the right hand side of the iTunes store.

There are featured songs for free each week. They vary – it could be any singer, genre or group. You will find top of the chart singers and incredible up and coming. iTunes is great because you preview the song before downloading it. I have fallen in love with so many songs I found for free on iTunes. I have discovered new artists and bands that I love. 

You can also find free TV shows, apps, books and more offered up each week.


I also downloaded the Starbucks app to my phone. Every week I get iTunes codes emailed to me. 99% of the time they are for songs. Sometimes I will get app codes as well. These songs also vary from week to week. There is a mix of mainstream music and up and coming. You don’t have to do anything to get these free codes. There is no Starbucks purchase necessary and the app itself is free as well. And of course you always swing by your fav coffee shop and grab this week's free music download code.  


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