Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meet Zoe

We never call her Zoe…it’s always Zoe Blu. I knew Zoe would have blue eyes like her dad and sister. I named her months before she made her entrance.

After I had my middle daughter Leah, I actually landed a job. I had gone on the interview 9 months pregnant. I hadn’t heard anything back. It wasn’t until a couple weeks after Leah was born that they called and offered me the position. I couldn’t believe it.

Soon after we were able to get our own place again. We had been living with my mother-in-law after losing my job and condo. But it seemed like the tide was turning and things were looking up.

Fast forward a year and a half later – and here comes Zoe Blu!

I wasn’t against haven’t a third child. I planned on it – but it happened quicker than I had expected. Leah and Zoe are only 1 ½ apart. Which is good and bad. They will always have a best friend – and always have someone to fight with LOL

Zoe was born in January. Another planned C-section recommended by my doctor.

This was probably the hardest C-Section. They had a hard time getting an IV set up and my hand was swollen. The anesthesiologist also had to prick me it seemed 20 times in my back before the drugs worked.

I ended up having spinal headaches for 2 weeks after Zoe was born. Worst pain ever, let me tell you. I had never had migraines before, but I would assume spinal headaches are similar. I was so sensitive to light and sound. And the only time the headache would lessen was when I was laying flat on my back. The rest of the time no drugs could make it go away. Only time.

But it was worth it. It’s always worth it.

Zoe was a big baby. But her oxygen level wasn’t where it should be, and she was taken to the NICU right after she was born. I think I was too zoned out at first to be concerned.

But later that day I went to see her there. The NICU can be a hard place to visit. But there is so much hope and positivity there. These little babies are surrounded in love.

I still felt some sadness every time I went down there. Mainly because I knew so many of these babies had a long road ahead. But each and every one of them was a little fighter.

Zoe as it turns out had a few complications. She was jaundice and had pretty bad acid reflux. The acid reflux was causing her oxygen levels to drop each time she was fed a bottle. So every few hours her blood sugar was also tested by pricking her heel. I don’t know why that has always stuck with me. I just felt so horrible that her little feet had to be pricked so much. I never forgot it.

Leaving the hospital without Zoe was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I had never had to do that before. I just missed her from the moment I walked out of the hospital.

Thankfully Zoe did come home a few days later. And she has been our baby in every way every since.

Zoe was just a gorgeous baby. Pretty skin and these big blue eyes. She had a head full of hair and she was just pudgy all over. And she turned out to be the sweetest baby.

Zoe is the best little hugger. Every day I come home from work she comes towards me with her arms open wide. She is always smiling and laughing. She loves to play and be outside. And she just takes my breath away every time I look at her.

Zoe is 1 ½ and toddling around. She is finding her own in a world with 2 big sisters. Zoe will forever be my baby. My youngest. My sweetheart. My Zoe Blu.


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