Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free eBooks

Of course I would first and foremost recommend hitting up your local library. My daughters and I love the library. There is something about it. And it gets us out of the house - we are doing something as a family, and they are finding their own love of reading.

Another benefit is free eBook check outs. Many libraries now let you check out from the eBooks library if you have a library card. Every library is different - so I would recommend calling or stopping by your local branch. 

The library can also be a great resource for audio books, DVDs and even music CDs.

Either I (or someone in my immediate family) owns an iPad, a Nook and Kindle Fire. 

I am not here to review each one - but these are big players as far as eBook reading goes. All three are great for kids. All three have a huge marketplace - and thousands of children's books. 

I purchased the Nook for my daughter last year on her birthday. I really enjoy it. I think the display is great - and the book selection is huge. In hindsight however, I think it would have been better for her when she is a little older. She turned 6 last year. While she loves to read - she also loves apps and games. The Nook selection on those is nowhere near the iPad of the Kindle. But I love to read on the Nook myself. I downloaded books for her and I. So while she does use it - she definitely prefers a more all in one eReader...basically books, games and apps galore.

The iPad sells itself. Most people love them - and many people own them.

But here's the thing...I LOVE THE KINDLE FIRE! You can get the HD Fire for $200 dollars less than an iPad. And I dare say...the display quality is better on the Kindle in my humble opinion.

Also, the Amazon market is huge. I would say it is pretty comparable to iTunes. You also can sign up for Amazon Prime for $79 a year - which gives you access to tons of free books and videos. 

But I don’t want to ramble forever about eReaders. Let's get to eBooks. 

iTunes - I get a lot of books for the kids from iTunes. I just search the App Store for free children's books. Many of them are interactive and have "Read To Me" options. The only con would be ads and up selling. The books may be free - but there is usually advertising in there for paid books or other products. Sometimes my daughter will be reading and will click on an ad by mistake that was somewhere in the book. She gets frustrated. I get frustrated. Free should be free - but it rarely is. Still, you can search the app store and find free books. iTunes usually has a lot of classic books for free as well. You can try Free Books app for a full list.

Amazon - Every day Amazon has free books. And I do mean totally free. I can't believe how long I went without knowing this. I really like eReader girl. She does the work for you to a certain degree. I get an email from her daily with the top free books Amazon has for the day. I almost always download at least one. There are a lot of self-help and non-fiction, which I love. I am such a reader, and I love to learn new things. But there are fiction books and children's books free daily. I will post free book finds on here as well as often as I can.

Bloggers - Bloggers (myself included) do write eBooks. Often they post some of their eBooks for free download. This is so you can get an idea of their writing style - and then they usually also have eBooks you can purchase. I have read a few great eBooks from MoneySavingMom. Her eBook on successfully blogging is a gem. It helped me immensely. So if you have bloggers you follow, check their site for any eBooks they may offer for free download.

Note: I also use my points from the free sites I earn money and points from (Read Article Here) and I redeem them for Amazon and iTunes gift cards. I haven't purchased an actual book in forever, because I don’t have to. I get them for free. 


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