Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MyPoints - A Few Clicks A Day and Your Points Start To Really Add Up

I actually did MyPoints years ago. I would get emails and could get points just for clicking the link enclosed in the email. 

MyPoints is pretty much the same as it was back then. You earn points for using the email links, but there are many other ways to earn as well. There are games, shopping and easy points to name a few ways.

Just this week I actually started doing MyPoints again. I only take advantage of the email feature. When I get an email from then, I click the link to confirm and get my points. 

Signup is quick and simple. Basic information needed. You will then confirm your email. New members can take a quick survey and get points right away.

Points can redeemed for all kinds of rewards like gift cards, Facebook credits or even cash. 

I have over 900 points just for confirming my paid emails. That's pretty good for a few minutes a day.


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