Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Free Samples

If you explore and signup for every freebie site out there - prepare to be bombarded by emails, spam and solicitors. 

Instead, I stick with a couple trusted freebie sites that have proven time and again to be legit. 

Do I always get full size samples? No. Is my mailbox overflowing with free stuff? Not at all.

But...you can try samples of some of your favorite brands. Plus, many companies will also send coupons and discount codes where the free sample. It's a great way to snag exclusive savings. 

FreeFlys - The site has new samples all the time. It brings you top brands and exclusive offers. I have personally received many samples and coupons via this site.

PG Everyday - Signup for a free account. You can access to awesome coupons. Plus you can request samples a few times a year. You always will receive random coupon booklets.


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