Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Viggle - Watch TV and Be Rewarded For It

I am probably the most excited about the Viggle App. I downloaded it three days ago, and it’s pretty awesome. I told my boyfriend about it, and now he and I are checking in all the time.

Viggle is basically an app that pays you points for watching television. The cool part is you don’t actually have to watch the whole television show. You just have to check in. 

The app is free in the iTunes store. So far that don’t have it in the Android market, but I bet that will change soon. 

Viggle signup is simple and free. Once you sign up, you can browse what is on through the app and check into any of those shows. Viggle listens to your TV, matches the show and you are all set. You can exit out of the app or even turn the channel; you still get your points.

I like it because I don’t watch much television, but it doesn’t matter. I can check in when the kids are watching a show or when my mother-in-law is. I even check in at the gym because they have the TV going all the time.

I am racking up points really quick. A couple hundred a day for very minimal work. Checking in takes less than a minute. 

Download Viggle in the App Store

You can redeem your points for gift cards, T-shirts and even a Kindle Fire. Of course it will take a while to get any big ticket items. But with this app it seems feasible to me.


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